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1×01 Pilot 07.22.2003
Season 1 premiere – Sean and Christian face 2 Columbians, 1 mob boss, lotsa pretty ladies and finally 1 dead body. Oh yeah, there’s also a dead gerbil and live alligator.
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1×02 Mandi/Randi 07.29.2003
Christian is impotent. Matt has a circumcision. Sean and Christian are now living together.
1×03 Nanette Babcock 08.05.2003
Christian’s car is trashed. A manic depressive is denied surgery. Mrs. Grubman sues Sean and Christian’s practice.
1×04 Sofia Lopez 08.12.2003
This episode deals with a transsexual seeking corrective plastic surgery.
1×05 Kurt Dempsey 08.19.2003
The lengths people will go through for love. Julia has returned to college. Julia is pregnant. Christian attends a 12-step program after Dr. Grace Santiago confronts him about his womanizing.
1×06 Megan O’Hara 09.02.2003
A woman who had a double mastectomy wants re-constructive surgery. Christian and Kimber, who we first met in the pilot episode, hook up again. Kimber’s fiance is enraged and trashes Christian’s office. Christian’s car is again vandalized. Matt does a three-way with Vanessa and her girlfriend, who we learn is a lesbian. Sean is getting a vasectomy but before he does, he stores he sperm at a sperm bank.
1×07 Cliff Mantegna 09.09.2003
Matt’s relationship with Ridley and Vanessa has unimaginable consequences. Julia’s friend Jude is hired by Sean and Christian as an intern.
1×08 Cara Fitzgerald 09.16.2003
Matt is involved in a hit-and-run accident that injures a schoolmate; and the doctors face a crisis of ethics after removing a birthmark from a patient who isn’t what he claims to be.
1×09 Sofia Lopez II 09.23.2003
Sofia is very anxious to proceed with her surgery provided free by Sean and Christian’s practice.Jude, a player, makes his move on Julia. Christian, at a day spa, is unaware that Kimber has arranged that they will share the same room.
1×10 Adelle Coffin 09.30.2003
Sean and Christian have to re-take their boards. It’s a requirement, after 10 years, of the state in order for them to continue practicing plastic surgery. Megan O’Hara is dying from cancer. There’s no hope. Sean helps her commit sucide. During their board requalification, the 25 plastic surgeons are each given a cadaver head to perform the required procedures on. Sean and Christian each experience their worst nightmares as they perform their procedures. With Sean, his cadaver head taunts him with killing Megan and keeping his affair with her secret from Julia. With Christian, his head rolls off the table because he believes his skills, such as they are, are totally dependent on Sean. Christian’s head is that of a midget’s and because of his insecurities, he goes to the morgue to collect the head of a recently deceased older female. In order to gain access to the body, he bribes the guard on duty to a free chin procedure. Mrs. Grubman is engaged to an elderly rich Southern man. She uses her agreement to not sue the practice to receive free procedures for not only herself, but for her fiance.
1×11 Montana/Sassy/Justice 10.07.03
Sean and Christian’s newest patient, Montana, who they later find out suffers from multiple personality disorder. Julia has found out about Sean’s affair with Megan O`Hara. Cara Fitzgerald asks Matt to the prom. Julia fears that Matt might be Christian’s son. Unbeknown to Christian, she takes his hairbrush to a lab so they can do a paternity test using the hairs in the brush. Gina, the sponsor from Sex Addicts Anonymous who Christian had a one-night stand with, says she`s pregnant. Tells Christian it`s his. A male gay couple have a foster child with a cleft palate They ask Christian to perform corrective surgery. He will, but they ask him to go to the State to intercede on their behalf because the child is in the State`s care. Julia tells Christian that she can’t deal with his being so close to her family anymore. She tells him if he didn’t have them to fall back onto, that he would be forced to get his own family.
1×12 Antonia Ramos 10.14.2003
1×13 [unknown] 10.21.2003
Season 1 finale

2×01 Erica Noughton 06.22.2004
As Sean celebrates a milestone birthday, he finds himself contemplating whether life begins or ends at 40. Christian combats his own feelings of aging and discovers that taking care of Wilber is allowing him to be the devoted father he never had. Julia’s feelings of insignificance and insecurity are magnified when she receives a chilly visit from her overbearing mother (Vanessa Redgrave) who demands a facelift from Sean. Written & directed by series creator Ryan Murphy.
2×02 Christian Troy 06.29.2004
When Christian breaks his nose in an unfortunate bedroom accident, he examines his own vanity. As Sean’s hand tremors continue, he admits his condition to Christian and searches for a solution before his surgical career is over. Matt is asked to admit to the hit-and-run accident of Cara Fitzgerald in order to help his friend Henry. Written by Sean Jablonski. Directed by Jamie Babbit.
2×03 Manya Mobika 07.06.2004
When a Somalian woman (Aisha Tyler) turns to Christian and Sean for help after years of oppression due to her country�s custom of female mutilation, they attempt to reconstruct her sense of self. As Julia continues to struggle with her mother, Sean introduces her to a life coach (Famke Janssen) whom he believes could help Julia with her problems. Written by Lyn Greene & Richard Levine. Directed by Elodie Keene.
2×04 Mrs. Grubman 07.13.2004
As Julia and Sean’s daughter Annie (Kelsey Lynn Batelaan) experiences a very early puberty, her parents fight getting older. When Gina (Jessalyn Gilsig) pushes Christian out of her infant son’s life, Christian reaches out to an old flame in order to build a case for sole custody of baby Wilber. Written by Jennifer Salt. Directed by Jamie Babbit.
2×05 Joel Gideon 07.20.2004
Sean survives a car accident unscathed and begins taking more risks in life. Christian and Sean perform plastic surgery on a mountain climber (Doug Savant) who suffers from frostbite. When Julia can no longer bear her own guilt, she reveals her deepest secret to Christian. Written by Brad Falchuk. Directed by Nelson McCormick.
2×06 Bobbie Broderick 07.27.2004
Ava takes an unconventional approach in helping Matt study. Christian and Sean are confronted with an angry patient (guest star Jill Clayburgh) when a routine liposuction presents disappointing results. Christian offers a surprising solution to a distressed Liz when she has difficulty getting pregnant. Written by Lyn Greene and Richard Levine. Directed by Mike Robin.
2×07 Naomi Gaines 08.03.2004
After a fashion model (Leslie Bibb) is disfigured by an attacker, Sean offers to repair her injuries for free — thrusting McNamara/Troy into the local media spotlight. When Matt becomes uncomfortable with his demanding relationship with Ava, she reveals a secret that threatens to crumble his entire existence. Written by Sean Jablonski. Directed by Craig Zisk.
2×08 Agatha Ripp 08.10.2004
Christian and Sean help a patient (Sarah Paulson) who could be experiencing a religious phenomenon. Christian helps Matt with a difficult decision regarding his newfound love. Julia finally reveals a dark truth to an angry and hurt Sean. Written by series creator Ryan Murphy. Directed by Mike Robin.
2×09 Rose and Raven Rosenberg 08.17.2004
While Sean is determined to dissolve the McNamara/Troy practice, the doctors participate in a high-profile surgical procedure in New York: the separation of conjoined twins. Along their journey, they learn what professional separation means to their lives. (Real-life conjoined twins Lori and Dori Schappell guest star). Written by series creator Ryan Murphy & Brad Falchuk. Directed by Elodie Keene.
2×10 Kimber Henry 08.24.2004
With the dissolution of his marriage in progress, a lonely Sean finds himself conveniently in the company of Kimber (Kelly Carlson), who seeks his help with her new business venture. A journalist (J.K. Simmons) seeks breast implants in order to better understand his wife�s battle with breast cancer. Written by Jennifer Salt. Directed by Nelson McCormick.
2×11 Natasha Charles 08.31.2004
Christian falls for a blind patient (Rebecca Gayheart) who can see beyond his handsome exterior and into his soul. Sean continues to parade his new lifestyle in front of Julia as he rejects her feeble attempts at reconciliation. Julia makes a drastic decision to promote change in her life. Written by Lyn Greene & Richard Levine. Directed by Greer Shephard.
2×12 Julia McNamara 09.07.2004
After a drugged-induced accident leaves Julia in a horrific physical and mental state, she turns to Sean to heal her wounds. While under anesthesia, Julia journeys into the �world of possibility� and learns what her life would be like had she married Christian instead of Sean. Written by series creator Ryan Murphy and Hank Chilton. Directed by Michael M. Robin.
2×13 Oona Wentworth 09.14.2004
When Sean and Christian discover that Merrill Bobolit (Joey Slotnick) is performing destructive cosmetic surgeries in an illegal backroom operation, Christian is motivated to help him recover his dignity. Ava (Famke Janssen) convinces Christian to perform surgery on an aging high school principal as a bribe to keep Adrian and Matt from being suspended from school. Written by Sean Jablonski & Jennifer Salt. Directed by Scott Brazil.
2×14 Trudy Nye 09.21.2004
Sean and Christian repair the face of a woman abused by her husband, only to find themselves enabling the abuser. Sean and Julia confront Ava about her strange relationship with son, Adrian, in a desperate attempt to reclaim Matt. Written by Hank Chilton. Directed by Elodie Keene.
2×15 Sean McNamara 09.28.2004
Sean continues his pro bono cosmetic surgery on victims of a serial attacker, only to find himself the target of the attacker�s sick obsession. Gina (Jessalyn Gilsig) visits Christian and delivers shocking news that will once again change his life forever. Written by Brad Falchuk. Directed by Michael M. Robin.
2×16 Joan Rivers 10.05.2004
Sean is determined to stop the Miami serial attacker from hurting another victim as his own wounds heal. Joan Rivers visits McNamara/Troy for a highly unusual cosmetic surgery consultation. When Christian makes a final attempt to end Ava�s relationship with Matt, he and Sean locate her ex-husband (Alec Baldwin). Written and directed by series creator Ryan Murphy.
Was entitled “2×16 Ava Moore”

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