Are you thinking of buying for a dab rig? Well, you should know that there are certain things to consider when buying. This can be an overwhelming task especially if it is your first time doing so. You want to make sure that the time, energy and money spent on it creates the best smoking experience. In that case, you need to look for the right dab rig that is fit for you and more gives you the best experience.5yghfgdf

Some of the factors and things to look for in a dab rig

1. The size

This is the first thing to consider when looking for a dab rig. One goal is to have enough space to keep the vapor from getting super hot when inhaling. Most dabbers go for smaller rigs because they are easier to handle along with a torch and a dabber. One of the biggest concerns in dabbing is overheating your piece which makes it weak. On the other side, getting a bigger one means that your pie is protected from too much heat.

2. The design

Another thing to look out for in dab rigs is the design. You need to choose the right design because they come in different designs and each has its benefits. Rigs with small chambers are the best because they have less volume. Different manufacturers have different designs. Some have small chambers while others have bigger ones. You can carry out some research from the experts to help you know which design is the best and the one that they can recommend you.

3. Look at the Glass joints

retyrjjtryetAnother thing to look out for is the glass joints which matter. Experts or people who have purchased dab rigs before know that not all glass joints have the same size. These sizes come in 10, 14 and 18ml, and also a female and male type for every measurement. Know that the size of the joint in the dab rig dictates the airflow. Female nails tend to get stuck to the glass, but this can be avoided if they handled with great care. Male nails, on the other hand, are great because they prevent the glass of the dab rig from expanding. If you are not quite sure of the type of joint glass to choose you can carry out some research or get some advice from an expert to help you in choosing.


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Online shopping is getting more popular. Technology has seen to it that you can get almost everything that you need online. The process is also quite easy. You simply need to log in to your favorite online store from your laptop or smartphone and enjoy your online shopping experience. There is a variety of benefits associated with shopping online. Some of the top ones are highlighted below.

Main benefits of shopping online


Shopping online offers you lots of conveniences compared to having to commute all the way to the stores physically. You get to save the time and energy that you would have spent shopping manually and instead get everything that you need while enjoying the comfort of your home.


Online stores present a wide variety of all the products on sale. This makes it easy for you to get whatever satisfies your needs and preferences. In addition to that, you can shop from a variety of stores, all from the same screen. This makes it easy for you to make price comparisons in addition to being exposed to the different products that the different stores offer.


ftugygtytytrdjtfgyIn most cases, you will get the best prices for products when shopping online. This is because you can buy directly from the suppliers or even manufacturers, which means a reduction in the supply chain. Fewer middlemen mean fewer costs passed on to the consumers. There is also a high probability that you will find offers online, which will reduce the prices even further. Such offers include sales discounts, coupons, and signup bonuses among many others. Remember to check for hidden costs to ensure that you are getting the best deal. The most hidden costs are shipping and transaction related costs.

Geographical boundaries

Online shopping enables you to overcome all the geographical boundaries that may prevent you from accessing the products that you desire. This comes in handy when buying products that are not available locally or those that are of a superior quality overseas. You will make the purchase in the normal way, and once you confirm the order, it will take a few days for your package to be delivered.


Online shopping allows you to shop privately. This makes it easy to buy things such as surprise gifts. You also don’t get to deal with the large crowds of people and queues to pay for the products.…

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